The Ohio State Women's Basketball Team Are Big Ten Regular Season Champions

The Ohio State Women's Basketball Team Are Big Ten Regular Season Champions

The Ohio State women's 2024 basketball team has secured the Big Ten regular season championship, finishing a season marked by resilience and dominance. This title is the program's first outright regular season championship since 2010. They pulled it off and are now the Big Ten champs! It's like, totally official. If you thought this team was done serving up awesome basketball moments, well, you were wrong.


A Season of Resilience

This achievement follows a challenging journey characterized by close contests, clutch moments, and unexpected turns. However, Head Coach Kevin McGuff's team persevered, leaving their opponents behind and etching their names in program history.

Jacy Sheldon: A Leading Force

Jacy Sheldon was straight-up fire this season. She was dropping three-pointers like it was nothing, and her moves left defenders in the dust. Her 22-point game against Michigan basically sealed the deal for the championship – total legend status.

Undefeated in the New Year

The new year brought a whole new level for the Buckeyes. They've been absolutely crushing it since January, winning 15 games straight! Talk about momentum. Their last loss was way back in December, and they haven't looked back since.

Securing the Title

With the regular season concluding, the Buckeyes have established an unassailable lead in the Big Ten conference standings. Their victory effectively shuts the door on any remaining challengers, leaving rivals like Iowa and Indiana to witness their triumph. This accomplishment is met with resounding cheers and the iconic "O-H-I-O!" chant echoing within the Schottenstein Center.

National Recognition

Their awesome play didn't go unnoticed. They're killing it with a 25-3 record and a sweet spot at number two in the AP Poll. The whole country's got their eyes on Columbus right now, and the Buckeyes are ready to shine.

Looking Forward

The quest for glory continues as the Buckeyes set their sights on the postseason. Their ambition extends beyond the conference championship, as they strive for a deep run in the NCAA tournament. The basketball world should brace itself for the arrival of a hungry and determined Ohio State team, poised to make a significant mark in March Madness.

A Toast to the Champions

Here's to the Ohio State women's basketball team – a bunch of total badasses who just showed everyone what they've got. They broke records, made history, and never stopped fighting. Let's hope they keep those sneakers squeaking and those shots falling!

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