How Ohio State Center Kaleb Wesson Is Defying All The Odds

How Ohio State Center Kaleb Wesson Is Defying All The Odds


Already the superstar of the Ohio State 2017 recruiting class, a lot was expected from Kaleb Wesson in Columbus. Surprisingly, Kaleb Wesson is yet to disappoint. Kaleb was born in Westerville, Ohio and the younger brother of Andre the Ohio State forward.

Kaleb Wesson has come a long way from No. 74 in Ohio to the state's top player. Kaleb Wesson had to shed 60 pounds to assume an Olympic stature at the collegiate level. Like a snake shedding its skin to achieve the impossible dream, Jae'Sean Tate says that Kaleb Wesson has become as multifaceted as a diamond in his play.

With comments like that, it was quite clear that Kaleb Wesson has surpassed the diamond in the rough stage of his career. Tate was also quick to notice that Kaleb Wesson owned the ball at every practice and concluded that Wesson was ready for prime time.

But as luck would have it, Kaleb Wesson would suffer a sprained ankle during a practice session. If anything can go wrong it will or so says Murphy's Law. Still, Kaleb Wesson would manage to bounce back after having lost some time to recuperation.

And because the Kaleb Wesson style of play is so unforgettable, he still managed to make a strong impression on his colleagues and even those before him. To illustrate, Kam Williams who is four years ahead of Kaleb Wesson has nothing but the kindest words: Kaleb has the uncanny ability to bring out the best from everyone around him.

Definitely, highly credible witnesses make better testimony than the person himself. And Kaleb Wesson has so many witnesses to count on.

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