Ohio State Football Walk-Ons Given Scholarships

Ohio State Football Walk-Ons Given Scholarships


Ohio State football walk-ons Elijaah Goins and Zach Turnure both where given senior season scholarships this week. The actual event happened after practice on Saturday with Urban Meyer making the announcement to the whole team. This was very similar to last season when Joe Burger and Craig Fada were put on scholarship after three years of playing and a red-shirt freshman year. Burger and Fada were special teams standouts and that is the same role Goins and Turnure have now.

Goins, from Concord NC, has had a long journey starting at Safety, switching to Corner Back, and ending up as a Receiver. He appeared in 12 games last year for OSU. He called his mother quickly after practice to tell her about the scholarship. He plans to continue working part-time at CVS as he pursues a pharmacy degree.

Turnure, St Louis Missouri, started out as a scholarship lacrosse player before switching after one season to football. Nicknamed Meat Face by his team, got on the fields 12 times last season also. He continues to watch the lacrosse team but has no regrets about making the move to football. The Buckeye lacrosse team reached the national championship game this past season.

Both players were shocked and grateful for the scholarships and the recognition. The team gathered around the players and congratulated them with hugs. Turnure’s parents were on hand according to reports and his mother reacted with crying.

The full allotment of 85 scholarships is now used for 2017 with these two additions. Its not every season that a couple of extra scholarships are available, but when it is possible, it’s a great reward for hard work.

Zach Turnure, Elijaah Goins discuss getting put on scholarship
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