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BJ Mullens Starts Class
BJ Mullens

BJ Mullens Starts Class

BJ Mullens steps into the spot vacated by Kosta Koufos and more appropriately Greg Oden. When he enrolled in class this week, he became the third freshman center to be considered a first round NBA draft selection before playing a game at Ohio State.

By Steve Patterson

Centers Leaving Early

    Both Oden and Koufos left after one year in Columbus to enter the NBA. Expectations are high for Mullens, the 7’1” center from nearby Canal Winchester who committed to be a Buckeye prior to entering High School and could follow the others out of the NCAA after one year of play.

Summer Conditioning

The chemistry was a little off last year according to reports on Head Coach Thad Matta’s feeling about the 2007 Ohio State basketball team.  Last summer Kosta Koufos and David Lighty were not a part of the team summer conditioning as they took part in overseas league play. That lack of chemistry translated into a mediocre season only spared by a nice run the NIT tournament for its championship trophy.

    This year all six incoming players are on campus and starting class. Mullens, William Buford, Anthony Crater and Walter Offutt are sharing a suite together while conditioning, studying and getting to know each other. The bonus of being on campus this summer is the chance to play with two NBA first round selections. They will get to practice with Oden and Michael Conley Jr, who happen to be taking summer classes also at Ohio State and plan on scrimmaging with the team.

NBA Draft

    If the draft projections remain the same after Mullen’s first year at Ohio State, he can be a first round selection into the NBA next year. Earlier projected #1 overall, the 255 lbs low-block presence could very well have a Greg Oden-like impact as a freshman for the Buckeyes.



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